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Our Story

The seeds for Precision Travel Werx were planted back in the early ‘80s with a group of guys that attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Life was good and we divided our time between camping, canoeing, hunting, fishing, skiing, bluegrass festivals, gyros at the Parthenon, and visiting friends on other campuses.

As we grew older, we refused to let things like corporate jobs influence what we were about. We pushed back the notion that “youth was wasted on the young.” We tossed the gear into the back of the car and off we went. It wasn’t pretty but that wasn’t the intent. The journey was the destination.

Precision Travel Werx

Our lives change as the world changes around us, but our zest for living life to the fullest remains unfazed.

Precision Travel Werx

The passion for adventure that bound us together spilled into other parts of our lives and we began to embrace corporate responsibilities, marriages, and children with the same vigor that we pursued mogul fields and mountain trout.

While the journey is still the destination, the execution required modifications. We moved from throwing our gear into the back of the hatchback and rolling out of town on a moment’s notice to buying large SUVs and packing it to the gills with gear and precious cargo. We were a “tight” family, literally, as soccer tournaments and trips to grandmother’s house for holidays were added to our weekend adventures.

Precision Travel Werx

In addition to changes to our personal status, the world has refused to stand still. Air travel has become increasingly difficult and constricting economic factors have caused families to seek a more flexible approach to their active lifestyle pursuits than over-loading the mini-van or SUV.

In many ways, Our Story is the same as yours; we are a reflection of you.

Precision Travel Werx

After witnessing a different type of car culture while traveling in South Africa, Precision Travel Werx was created in 2005 to deliver a sport trailer that met these emerging needs and built to get you down the road with elegant simplicity and tons of functionality.

Precision Travel Werx

In 2008, we introduced our TailGator prototype with success and immediately began the evolution of a new design approach to create the Atlas 8 trailer. The Atlas 8 delivers on our intended level of quality, durability, functional performance and aesthetic appeal.

The Team

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Larry Brown


Phone Number: 920-850-5934

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Bob Bahlman


Phone Number: 1-918-852-2241

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Mike Carey

Design Consultant

Phone Number: 1-406-587-8604

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