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What impact does the Atlas 8 have on the gas mileage for my vehicle?

While the mileage will differ from car to car due to each vehicle’s specifications, mileage testing with the Volvo 40S yielded a loss of .5 mpg when pulling an empty Atlas 8 trailer. When you think about it, picking up 73 cubic feet of cargo volume for .5 mpg is better than the trade-off associated with driving a larger vehicle every day.

What can I expect for a delivery time?

From the time of order, Precision Travel Werx is committed to delivering your custom painted trailer within two weeks to your door. For trailers being ordered with personalized wraps, the delivery time is 3 weeks.

What is the load capacity of the trailer?

The trailer has a total Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 1550 lbs. Since the trailer itself weighs 550 lbs, the payload capacity is a sizeable 1000 lbs.

Is this trailer prone to bouncing when it is pulled empty?

No, the Atlas 8 is equipped with a Dexter Torsion axle, which all but eliminates trailer bounce.

Can I really get it painted any color?

Yes, all we need is the paint specification by name or VIN number that you are trying to match.

Is the trailer certified safe?

The greatest of care has been taken during the design and construction phases of our trailer to ensure it is safe for use. Precision Travel Werx complies with all State and Federal highway regulatory requirements as well as participating in the Compliance Program administered by the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers.

I see that the unit can carry bikes on the roof with the rack accessory. How many bikes can be carried at a time?

The number of bikes is really limited by the rack length, which is 66” To date we have transported 5 bikes on the roof of the trailer. A 78" rack can be made available upon request.

Can you lift the lid with the bikes on the roof?

The answer is yes.

Can the Atlas 8 be driven on non-paved surfaces?

The suspension and clearance is designed to handle these conditions. However, like other painted vehicles, the trailer is susceptible to surface chips from gravel flying from the tires. The trailer is equipment with a 3M "Invisi-Gard" film like automobiles to protect it from errant stones. Should you plan on driving frequently on gravel surfaces, Precision Travel Werx recommends you outfit the unit with our Gravel Bra for extra protection.

Are the taillights LED?

No, the taillights are incandescent bulbs that are easily replaced if needed. The marker lights are all LED.

Does the unit have a spare tire?

Yes, all units are equipped with an 8 spoke spare wheel and tire as standard equipment. We sure would hate for your trip to be delayed beyond reason should you get a flat.

How is the lid removed? Is it difficult?

Both the nose cone and main lids are removable. Precision Travel Werx has spent a lot of time designing and redesigning the hinge mechanism to ensure this operation is simple to pull off. To remove the lid, the gas springs are pulled off the ball connectors and then it is as simple as raising the unit to a higher angle and sliding it off its hinge pins.

Why is the tailgate removable as opposed to being hinged to lay down position?

The tailgate is either on or off. The reason for this is two-fold: To lift heavy items through the back end, we wanted to eliminate the need to lift items over the tailgate; now it is just a straight lift. Second, if the tailgate were in the down position, then it would be susceptible to stone chips.

What do I do with the tailgate when it’s not on?

Precision Travel Werx has a tailgate fabric sleeve as an accessory to protect it while it is in the off position. The tailgate itself can be left at home, put in the pulling vehicle, or the carried inside of the trailer.

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Warranty Information

All Precision Travel Werx trailer products are guaranteed against defective workmanship and materials for a period of 1 year, beginning with delivery to the original user. The warranty starts out as 1 year and is extended another 1 year, total of 2 years, if the original purchaser submits the warranty card within 30 days of purchase. This warranty is void if the claimed defective part resulted from abuse, overloading, or lack of maintenance. Warranty of purchased items such as, but not limited to, axles, tires, and lights will be issued by the respective manufacturer.

This warranty is limited, at our option, to repair or replace any defective parts at a site designated by Precision Travel Werx LLC. All warranty claims must be submitted to Precision Travel Werx LLC in writing for permission to initiate claims for warranty. Once granted, all parts, either manufactured or purchased along with warranty claim form (available through the factory), must be returned to Precision Travel Werx LLC FREIGHT PREPAID for examination.

Failure by the dealer or customer to follow this procedure will void all warranty.

An extended warranty to (5) years can be purchased within one year of the original purchase.

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Shipping / Refunds / Cancellations

Shipment Method and Lead Times

When your order ships, we furnish tracking information to you via email.

We ship both Freight truck (palleted products) and UPS Ground (small package products) via standard ground services. For UPS Ground shipments, this means drop at door if no one is home (consignee assumes liability from possible theft or alteration upon delivery). For Freight carrier shipments, consignee must be present to inspect goods and release carrier liability via signed delivery receipt. See Damaged Goods section for important details on receiving shipments.

Delivery lead times are estimates only; shipper does not guarantee delivery lead time estimates nor does PTW unless guaranteed delivery services are ordered prior to shipment. Appointments, rerouting while in transit, signature requirements (UPS), and any storage services are all subject to shipper surcharges and customer will be charged in the event that those services are used.

Shipping and Damaged Good Policy

We ship F.O.B. our dock, which means that title and liability for product passes to the shipping vendor once it leaves our dock. Consignee must inspect goods and proceed as outlined below:

Freight Carrier shipments

Title and ownership of product passes to the consignee as soon as a shipment is given by the manufacturer to the freight carrier. Precision Travel Werx cannot make claims for damage or loss in shipment (we can assist you in the claims process provided standard procedures are followed). Claims for damage must be initiated by the consignee within 14 days of shipment under the following procedure: If there is any damage, or the possibility of concealed damage (i.e., packaging is altered), this MUST be noted on the delivery receipt for claims recourse, and the damage must be reported immediately to the freight carrier. Failure to do so will result in the loss of potential damage claim award in most instances (there’s the possibility that someone else could have damaged the goods after the driver left the premise, and freight carrier policy is to protect against these situations). Disposition of the damaged merchandise is determined by the carrier. Do not destroy packaging material or use the product until the carrier’s agent has examined them. Contact PTW immediately at 1-920-395-5797 for assistance in arranging for the carrier’s representative to inspect the damage and processing a claim.

All goods leaving our dock are properly packaged in unblemished condition for arrival intact to customer designation, notwithstanding shipper negligence in handling.

UPS Ground Shipments

Claims must be submitted for review within 14 days from the date of shipment to the customer. Claims exceeding these deadlines will be declined by UPS, and accordingly, by PTW. To process a claim, Precision Travel Werx must be notified to include a description of the damage and/or lost items to determine the exact claim to be submitted. All packaging with damaged good(s) must be saved for UPS Ground pick up and inspection as part of claims process. Allow 21 days for claims processing.

All goods leaving our dock are properly packaged in unblemished condition for arrival intact to customer designation, notwithstanding shipper negligence in handling.

Returns Policy (Returns, Refunds, and Restocking Fees)

Returns must be made within 15 days of delivery of the goods to the customer. To initiate, a Return Merchandise Authorization is required on behalf of PTW in order for a return to be accepted. Refunds are available on value of goods only less shipping cost of product to customer (we will furnish a quote on the shipping cost factored into your product purchase price at time of your RMA request)., and a 10% restocking fee for goods returned in new unused condition in original packaging with all manuals and accessories. The value of missing items and/or altered items will be deducted from the credit amount of the return. Products that show clear evidence of use will not be accepted for refund without an accepted explanation for unsatisfactory performance. It is the original purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that returns are adequately packaged, insured, and tracked. All return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer and must be prepaid; no CODs will be accepted.

Cancellation Policy

No cancellations accepted after goods leave our dock. After goods leave our dock, a cancellation will be processed as a return.


If your shipment arrives and is missing any parts, no problem. Just contact us within 5 days of the receipt of the order, we will have the replacement items shipped to you.


We are here to help you with matters of shipment, installation, and suggestions on how to maximize the benefits of our technologies. Please contact us via phone at 1-920-395-5797 or email to Our hours of operation are Mon-Fri, 8:00-5:00 pm EST. We are located at 23 Winona Court, Appleton, WI, 54911.

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Owner’s Manual

Coming soon.

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National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) Compliance

Beginning on January 1, 2012, participation in the compliance program will be a requirement of membership in the NATM. Since its inception, Precision Travel Werx LLC has voluntarily participated in this program. Quality is the key to success. The first step in a quality program is to meet required specifications. The NATM Compliance Program helps ensure our design and manufacturing processes are producing trailers that meet federal safety regulations and industry standards.

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